The Reasons to use Dedicated Proxies for Instagram (Social automation)

Social automation

Read the full guide to find out why you should be using Dedicated proxies for Instagram!

We all know about Instagram. All of us use it to post our pictures with our friends and family. However, Instagram is not limited to this only. There are hundreds of people who are using Instagram for marketing.

They do this by using multiple Instagram accounts to grow their business. You can be using multiple accounts from adding more followers to managing customer accounts and analytics.

Introduction To Instagram Automation

Instagram automation or Instagram auto-growth service are the services given online by different websites that allow a company to acquire followers and subsequently more attention of the people towards a general product of the company.

There are many ways by which a company can use social media to gain likes, views, and followers to contest with their competition. Instagram bots gain views and likes on the marketer’s business and products by liking and commenting on similar hashtag posts and comments under these posts to gain views and attention of the people.

Why Instagram Automation

Instagram will do everything that you yourself can do on Instagram when selling your business like liking posts on Instagram and following, commenting, etc.

But if you want to really grow your business, you will have to be on Instagram 24/7, which is nearly Impossible. Bots, on the other hand, have this artificially handed superpower

Benefits of Instagram Automation

There are a lot more benefits to Instagram automation than you can ever think of. Here are some of them.

  • Perform tasks beyond human capability

You can’t imagine having to check tens of different things before following an account on Instagram. There are also many things you can’t avoid even if you want to when targetting a specific group or category of accounts. Instagram automation will do this for you, and you won’t even have to worry about a single thing!

  • Save your time

Unfortunately, On Instagram, you can’t just like hundreds of posts in a day, or follow hundreds of people in an hour and call it a day. Instagram will only allow a specific amount of this number. After that, it will give your account a temporary ban. To stay active and engage with your followers, you must log back into Instagram after every hour to continue your account. The Instagram bot will do all of this for you!

  • Engage with more people

its very difficult to keep track of how many posts you have liked or how many people you have followed so you can keep your account below the threshold of the Instagram, because if you overshoot the threshold, you may get a temporary ban.

An Instagram but will consistently let you stay within the Instagram threshold, so you don’t even need to worry about getting any kind of bans. Moreover, it will let you engage with more people after every passing hour!

  • Gain more followers

When you are receiving more engagement on your Instagram account, it is pretty obvious that you will be receiving more followers. Studies show that Automation increases followers activity by 50% – 200%. On an average basis, you will be getting 300 followers a day if the engagement is good and proactive.

  • 24/7 Availability

The best thing about Instagram automation is that you don’t even need to be in front of your computer for it to work. You can be on vacation or having a nap, Instagram bots will keep doing their jobs!

  • Cheap

Instagram bots are relatively cheap and will do the job you need at a very affordable price. There are also companies that hire real assistants instead of bots, but their costs are a bit higher than simple Instagram automation tools.

Benefits of using Multiple accounts

  • Cross-promotion

Cross-promotion can be understood by the following example. We all have a friend in our life who hardly posts anything on social media, whether it be Instagram, Facebook or any other social media website.

However, when he does post anything, all of his/her friends are receptive and engage with his/her post to see what is the sharing when he hardly even posts anything on social media. Basically, we think that if he/she is posting something, he/she has a better reason to do so than all others spamming social media every minute. In this way, his/her post gets way more attention than people who post on social media all the time.

On the same psychological pattern, marketers manage some Instagram accounts where they are hardly promoting anything, so they can be used for cross-promotion when needed. You can use dedicated proxies to make “no sell” accounts on Instagram, where there is no common pattern of promotion.

These no sell accounts get higher credibility than other Instagram accounts, and when you promote a product once in a while, you can surely get better engagement on Instagram.

  • Maximizing Exposure

When you are using multiple accounts for Instagram, You can use them to maximize exposure to your product. If you promote your product from Multiple accounts from Instagram, you will be able to divert the attention of a much larger audience towards the product, as compared to an audience from a single account.

Thus, in this way, you can maximize the exposure on your product. This is why using multiple accounts on Instagram can be very much beneficial, a lot more than you can imagine

Why need Dedicated Proxy for Instagram automation

When you are using Instagram Automation tools on your multiple accounts, you will be making a lot of requests in a short period of time. Instagram will easily be able to detect this type of spam activity and will block your Instagram account.

This is because Instagram automation and the usage of bots is against the “terms and Conditions policy” of Instagram. Thus your account will instantly get banned on Instagram.

You can avoid this by using a dedicated proxy for each of your Instagram accounts. If you are using multiple accounts and have a dedicated proxy for each account, you will have a different IP address for each account, and Instagram will not be able to ban your accounts for being in conflict with each other for being on the same IP address. Thus in this way, Dedicated proxies are an essential part of your Instagram business.

Also, you can use a dedicated proxy to promote your product in different regions of the world. You can do this by selecting the IP address of the dedicated proxy that you want, and use an Instagram account on that IP address. Then, you can promote your product in this way.

Picking the best tools

There are plenty of proxies out there on the internet. There are public proxies that can be used by anyone on the internet, free of cost. Semi-dedicated proxies are the ones which are used by a handful of customers.

Dedicated proxies are the ones who are solely used by one person. I recommend using dedicated proxies for Instagram. Other proxies may cause you to get banned because of other users on the internet. You will have a better hold on your Instagram account and your proxy as you will be the only one using the proxy.

There are also various Instagram automation tools on the internet. FollowAdder is a very famous and a good Instagram automation tool which provides the best service on the internet. Although there is no guarantee that these providers will not get banned in the future, giving them a try is a must!


The Reasons to use Dedicated Proxies for Instagram (Social automation)

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